Time of Flight Cameras

Brand: Espros and Texas Instruments

Model: Espros DME660 & Ti OPT8241


The lab owns multiple time-of-flight (TOF) cameras such as Espros DME660 and Ti OPT8241. The Espros DME660 is a standalone 3D-TOF distance measurement camera with a resolution of 320x240 pixels. It has a wide field of view (H94° x V69°) and a range of up to 10m on white targets. It can be attached using USB or Ethernet and a fully documented SDK is provided. The Ti OPT8241 is a TOF sensor development board providing 320x240 pixel frames at up to 150Hz. The resulting data is provided as 12bit phase correlation data and 4bit common mode (ambient) data.

The lab also owns a couple of consumer level depth cameras, including Microsoft Kinect v1 and v2, DepthSense DS311 and PMD sensors.