Fastest Rates for Stochastic Mirror Descent Methods

F. Hanzely, P. Richtárik
-, (2018)

Fastest Rates for Stochastic Mirror Descent Methods


Relative smoothness


Relative smoothness - a notion introduced in [6] and recently rediscovered in [3, 18] - generalizes the standard notion of smoothness typically used in the analysis of gradient type methods. In this work we are taking ideas from well studied field of stochastic convex optimization and using them in order to obtain faster algorithms for minimizing relatively smooth functions. We propose and analyze two new algorithms: Relative Randomized Coordinate Descent (relRCD) and Relative Stochastic Gradient Descent (relSGD), both generalizing famous algorithms in the standard smooth setting. The methods we propose can be in fact seen as a particular instances of stochastic mirror descent algorithms. One of them, relRCD corresponds to the first stochastic variant of mirror descent algorithm with linear convergence rate.




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