Design and Volume Optimization of Space Structures

C. Jiang, C. Tang, H. Seidel, P. Wonka
Siggraph, (2017)

Design and Volume Optimization of Space Structures


CCS Concepts, Computing methodologies, Shape modeling, Design, Algorithms, Optimization


We study the design and optimization of statically sound and materially ecient space structures constructed by connected beams. We propose a systematic computational framework for the design of space structures that incorporates static soundness, approximation of reference surfaces, bound- ary alignment, and geometric regularity. To tackle this challenging problem, we rst jointly optimize node positions and connectivity through a nonlinear continuous optimization algorithm. Next, with xed nodes and connectivity, we formulate the assignment of beam cross sections as a mixed-integer programming problem with a bilinear objective function and quadratic constraints. We solve this problem with a novel and practical alternating direction method based on linear programming relaxation. The capabiity and eciency of the algorithms and the computational framework are validated by a variety of examples and comparisons.




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