A survey of blue-noise sampling and its applications

D.M. Yan, J.W. Guo, B. Wang, X. Zhang, P. Wonka
Journal of Computer Science and Technology, volume 30, issue 3, 439-452, (2015)

A survey of blue-noise sampling and its applications


Blue-noise sampling, Poisson-disk sampling, Lloyd relaxation, rendering, remeshing


In this paper, we survey recent approaches to blue-noise sampling and discuss their beneficial applications. We discuss the sampling algorithms that use points as sampling primitives and classify the sampling algorithms based on various aspects, e.g., the sampling domain and the type of algorithm. We demonstrate several well-known applications that can be improved by recent blue-noise sampling techniques, as well as some new applications such as dynamic sampling and blue-noise remeshing.


DOI: 10.1007/s11390-015-1535-0


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