Ergonomics-inspired geometric exploration and reshaping of collections of models

Y. Zheng, H. Liu, J. Dorsey, N.J. Mitra
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, volume PP, issue 99, (2015)

Ergonomics-inspired geometric exploration and reshaping of collections of models


Man-made shapes, Ergonomics-inspired geometric exploration


This paper examines the following question: given a collection of man-made shapes, e.g., chairs, can we effectively explore and rank the shapes with respect to a given human body – in terms of how well a candidate shape fits the specified human body? Answering this question requires identifying which shapes are more suitable for a prescribed body, and how to alter the input geometry to better fit the shapes to a given human body. The problem links physical proportions of the human body and its interaction with object geometry, which is often expressed as ergonomics guidelines. We present an interactive system that allows users to explore shapes using different avatar poses, while, at the same time providing interactive previews of how to alter the shapes to fit the user-specified body and pose. We achieve this by first constructing a fuzzy shape-to-body map from the ergonomic guidelines to multi-contacts geometric constraints; and then, proposing a novel contact-preserving deformation paradigm to realize a reshaping to adapt the input shape. We evaluate our method on collections of models from different categories and validate the results through a user study.


DOI: 10.1109/TVCG.2015.2448084


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