A compressive multi-mode superresolution display

F. Heide, J. Gregson, G. Wetzstein, R. Raskar, W. Heidrich
Optics Express, volume 22, issue 12, pp. 14981-14992, (2014)

A compressive multi-mode superresolution display


high dynamic range (HDR) modes, New super-resolution mode, Multi-mode superresolution, Glasses-free 3D image synthesis


​Compressive displays are an emerging technology exploring the co-design of new optical device configurations and compressive computation. Previously, research has shown how to improve the dynamic range of displays and facilitate high-quality light field or glasses-free 3D image synthesis. In this paper, we introduce a new multi-mode compressive display architecture that supports switching between 3D and high dynamic range (HDR) modes as well as a new super-resolution mode. The proposed hardware consists of readily-available components and is driven by a novel splitting algorithm that computes the pixel states from a target high-resolution image. In effect, the display pixels present a compressed representation of the target image that is perceived as a single, high resolution image.


DOI: 10.1364/OE.22.014981


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