A survey of urban reconstruction

P. Musialski, P. Wonka, D.G. Aliaga, M. Wimmer, L. van Gool, W. Purgathofer
Computer Graphics Forum, volume 32, issue 6, pp. 146-177, (2013)

A survey of urban reconstruction


Urban reconstruction, Urban modelling, Image-based modelling, City reconstruction, City modelling, Facade modelling, Photogrammetric modelling, Structure from motion, Inverse-procedural modelling


​This paper provides a comprehensive overview of urban reconstruction. While there exists a considerable body of literature, this topic is still under active research. The work reviewed in this survey stems from the following three research communities: computer graphics, computer vision and photogrammetry and remote sensing. Our goal is to provide a survey that will help researchers to better position their own work in the context of existing solutions, and to help newcomers and practitioners in computer graphics to quickly gain an overview of this vast field. Further, we would like to bring the mentioned research communities to even more interdisciplinary work, since the reconstruction problem itself is by far not solved.


DOI: 10.1111/cgf.12077


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