Architectural geometry and fabrication-aware design

H. Pottmann
Nexus Network Journal, 15, 195-208, (2013)

Architectural geometry and fabrication-aware design


Architectural geometry, Freeform architecture, Discrete differential geometry, Geometric computing, Computational design , Design space exploration , Fabricationaware  design


​Freeform shapes and structures with a high geometric complexity play an increasingly important role in contemporary architecture. While digital models are easily created, the actual fabrication and construction remains a challenge. This is the source of numerous research problems many of which fall into the area of Geometric Computing and form part of a recently emerging research area, called “Architectural Geometry”. The present paper provides a short survey of research in Architectural Geometry and shows how this field moves towards a new direction in Geometric Modeling which aims at combining shape design with important aspects of function and fabrication.


DOI: 10.1007/s00004-013-0149-5


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