Interactive Images: cuboid proxies for smart image manipulation

Y. Zheng, X. Chen, M.M. Cheng, K. Zhou, S.M. Hu, N.J. Mitra
Siggraph, (2012)

Interactive Images: cuboid proxies for smart image manipulation


Cuboid proxies


​Images are static and lack important depth information about the underlying 3D scenes. We introduce interactive images in the context of man-made environments wherein objects are simple and regular, share various non-local relations (e.g., coplanarity, parallelism, etc.), and are often repeated. Our interactive framework creates partial scene reconstructions based on cuboid-proxies with minimal user interaction. It subsequently allows a range of intuitive image edits mimicking real-world behavior, which are otherwise difficult to achieve. Effectively, the user simply provides high-level semantic hints, while our system ensures plausible operations by conforming to the extracted non-local relations. We demonstrate our system on a range of real-world images and validate the plausibility of the results using a user study.


DOI: 10.1145/2185520.2185595



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