Interactive coherence-based facade modeling

P. Musialski, M. Wimmer, P. Wonka
EuroGraphics, volume 31, issue 2pt3, pp. 661-670, (2012)

Interactive coherence-based facade modeling


Computational Geometry, Object Modeling, Modeling packages


​We propose a novel interactive framework for modeling building façades from images. Our method is based on the notion of coherence-based editing which allows exploiting partial symmetries across the façade at any level of detail. The proposed workflow mixes manual interaction with automatic splitting and grouping operations based on unsupervised cluster analysis. In contrast to previous work, our approach leads to detailed 3d geometric models with up to several thousand regions per façade. We compare our modeling scheme to others and evaluate our approach in a user study with an experienced user and several novice users.


DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-8659.2012.03045.x


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