Generating realistic roofs over a rectilinear polygon

H.K. Ahn, S.W. Bae, C. Knauer, M. Lee, C.S. Shin, A. Vigneron
22st International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation, LNCS 7074, 60-69, (2011)

Generating realistic roofs over a rectilinear polygon


Rectilinear polygon


​Given a simple rectilinear polygon P in the xy-plane, a roof over P is a terrain over P whose faces are supported by planes through edges of P that make a dihedral angle π/4 with the xy-plane. In this paper, we introduce realistic roofs by imposing a few additional constraints. We investigate the geometric and combinatorial properties of realistic roofs, and show a connection with the straight skeleton of P. We show that the maximum possible number of distinct realistic roofs over P is ((n−4)/2⌊(n−4)/4⌋) when P has n vertices. We present an algorithm that enumerates a combinatorial representation of each such roof in O(1) time per roof without repetition, after O(n 4) preprocessing time. We also present an O(n 5)-time algorithm for computing a realistic roof with minimum height or volume.


DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-25591-5


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