Illustrating how mechanical assemblies work

N.J. Mitra, Y.L. Yang, D.M. Yan, W. Li, M. Agrawala
ACM Transactions on Graphics, volume 29, issue 4, article no. 58, (2010)

Illustrating how mechanical assemblies work


Mechanical assembly, Motion depiction, Visualization, Shape analysis, Causal chaining


​How things work visualizations use a variety of visual techniques to depict the operation of complex mechanical assemblies. We present an automated approach for generating such visualizations. Starting with a 3D CAD model of an assembly, we first infer the motions of individual parts and the interactions between parts based on their geometry and a few user specified constraints. We then use this information to generate visualizations that incorporate motion arrows, frame sequences and animation to convey the causal chain of motions and mechanical interactions between parts. We present results for a wide variety of assemblies.


DOI: 10.1145/1778765.1778795



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