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  • Dr. Dongming Yan

    Reshearch Saientist

  • Abdel Rhaman El Haddad

    Master Student

  • Dr. Jun Wang

    Postdoctoral fellow

  • Dr. Lei Huang

    Postdoctoral fellow

  • Dr. Ruiyong Sun

    Postdoctoral fellow

  • Dr. Yi Jun Yang

    Postdoctoral fellow

  • Dr. Yong-Liang Yang

    Reshearch Saientist

  • Dr. Zhaojin Lu

    Postdoctoral fellow

  • Ling Shi

    PhD Student

  • Xin Zhao

    Ms Student

  • Caigui Jiang

    PhD Student

    Research Interest: Geometry processing, architectural geometry, computer graphics.

  • Han Liu

    PhD Student

    Research Interest: geometric modeling, shape analysis and synthesis, sketch-based modeling

  • Dr. Ronell Sicat

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Research Interest: Large-scale and multi-resolution data processing and visualization, computer graphics, scientific visualization

  • Xiang Sun

    PhD Student

    Research Interest: Discrete curvatures