Professor Ivan Viola Joins the Visual Computing Center

Feb 07 2019

Professor Ivan Viola

We are proudly announcing that Professor Ivan Viola has joined VCC as an Associate Professor of Computer Science in November, 2018. He is establishing the Nanovisualization Research Group as a part of the Visual Computing Center.

Prof. Viola has a Master and Ph.D. from TU Wien in Austria. He has received a series of honors and recognition for his contribution to computer visualization such as the Austrian Computer Graphics Award 2016 for the Best Technical Solution, and the 1st Place Eurographics Dirk Bartz Prize for Visual Computing in Medicine 2013. 

Prof. Viola was attracted to KAUST for the research intentions as he explained below:

"Performing focused research to solve a substantial problem will neither be realized in one paper nor in one three-year grant. In case a substantial problem needs a decade-long attention of a scientific team, there is no other place in the world which offers scientists generous resources to perform groundbreaking research for a longer period of time. I intend to bring this world with my team technology for visually conveying the digital representations of the nanoworld. That will take me some time, I would need a strong support professionally and family-wise. I find KAUST being a sweet spot, which combines all the essences I need for conducting ground-breaking research."

On behalf of the VCC, welcome to our team.