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WOJCIECH PALUBICKI Adam Mickiewicz University


Since 2015, Wojciech Pałubicki is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science in Poznan. Previously, to that he held a post-doc position in Prof. Ottoline Leyser's lab at the Sainsbury Laboratory at the Cambridge University. Prior to that position, he finished PhD. in Calgary, Canada with Prof. Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz. During his PhD. Wojciech Pałubicki was interested in 3D modeling of tree growth. During his post-doc, he collaborated with a group of molecular biologists to understand the biological mechanisms underlying organogenesis in plants with computational modeling. In his current position he is pursuing his interests both in computer graphics as well as developmental biology.​


  • Day 2Tuesday, April 11th
2:30 pm

Computational Modeling of the Growth of Plants

Plant growth is a complex, dynamic pattern for which the underlying biological mechanisms are still unknown. In this talk, a mathematical model of 3D tree growth is discussed that emphasizes the impact of self-organization of branches in space on tree form. The model's relatively low-dimensional parameter space captures a large diversity of realistic tree architectures.

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