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KAVITA BALA Professor in the Computer Science Department at Cornell University


‚ÄčKavita Bala is a Professor in the Computer Science Department at Cornell University. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Transactions on Graphics (TOG). Bala co-authored the graduate-level textbook "Advanced Global Illumination", and has chaired SIGGRAPH Asia. Her Lightcuts research is the core production rendering engine in Autodesk's cloud renderer; her research on instance recognition is the core technology of GrokStyle's visual search engine; and her work on 3D Mandalas was featured at the Rubin Museum of Art, New York. Bala has received the NSF CAREER award, Cornell's Excellence in Teaching Awards (2015, 2009, 2006), and a Google Faculty Research Award.

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  • Day 2Tuesday, April 11th
9:30 am

Materials in the wild

Our daily lives bring us in contact with a rich range of materials that contribute to both the utility and aesthetics of our environment. Human beings are remarkably good at perceiving subtle distinctions in material appearance; e.g., is this fabric silk or cotton? is this surface granite or laminate?
But what makes silk look like silk? We are working on understanding why materials have their distinct appearance, and how humans perceive materials in their daily lives to understand the world they live in. This understanding has broad applications in vision and graphics in virtual and augmented reality, e-commerce and retail, and industrial and interior design.

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