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MAKS OVSJANIKOV Assistant Professor at Ecole Polytechnique


​Maks Ovsjanikov is an Assistant Professor at Ecole Polytechnique with a CNRS chaire d'excellence and the Jean Marjoulet professorial chair. He received an Excellence in Research Award from the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University for his work on spectral methods in shape analysis, and the Eurographics Young Researcher Award in 2014 "In recognition of his outstanding contributions to theoretical foundations of non-rigid shape matching". He has served on the technical program committees of various international conferences, is a member of the editorial board of Computer Graphics Forum and has co-chaired the Symposium on Geometry Processing in 2016.

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  • Day 3Wednesday, April 12th
11:00 am

Some structural properties of functional map computation

In recent years, several techniques have been proposed for computing and manipulating correspondences between shapes using the so-called functional map framework. Although capable of producing high quality results for problems such as shape matching and tangent vector field design, the exact structural properties, and in particular, the settings in which it can lead to point-to-point maps are not well understood. In this talk, I will give a brief overview of the basic ideas behind the functional map framework and then describe some recent work that allows to both incorporate and extract additional information from functional maps. Namely, I will discuss ways to characterize deformation fields as linear operators and a technique to use more information from a given set of descriptor constraints to obtain functional maps that follow structural properties of pointwise correspondences

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