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Workshop on Construction-Aware Design
March 18 - 19, 2019
Campus Library, Level 3, Room 3118, Seaside

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Prof. Helmut Pottmann
Prof. Helmut Pottmann Professor of Applied Mathematics and Computational Science Program (AMCS), Visual Computing Center at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia


Helmut Pottmann is a professor of Applied Mathematics and Computational Science at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and professor of Applied Geometry at TU Vienna. He has been founding director of research centers on Visual Computing and Computational Design, respectively, at these Universities. His research interests are in Applied Geometry and Visual Computing, with a recent focus on geometric computing for architecture and fabrication.  Helmut Pottmann has co-authored two books and more than 200 refereed articles.  He has co-founded the company Evolute which specializes in software development and consulting for realizing geometric complexity in architecture and has been involved in a number of prestigious architectural projects worldwide. 

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  • Day 2Tuesday, March 19th
1:30 pm

Geometry of Structures in Force Equilibrium

Recent advances in extending graphic statics towards structural design tools give rise to a variety of interesting and challenging problems in applied geometry. In the present talk, we will discuss recent research in this direction, which includes the following topics: (i) Polyhedral meshes in force equilibrium, (ii) material minimizing structures and (iii) alignment of principal curvature and principal stress directions. It is shown how relations to differential geometry and to a simple non-Euclidean geometry lead to deeper understanding and the development of efficient algorithms.

Campus Library, Level 3, Room 3118, Seaside 13:30 - 14:30 Details